History and information about the Chachacha Beach Apartments:


The Chachacha Beach apartments are situated on the plot that used to be from the Marchena family. At the beginning of the twentieth century a lady from that family worked at the bakery on the corner of Kaya C.E.B Hellmund and Kaya Francia, where restaurant At Sea is located now. De Marchena lady loved to dance and every Sunday she and her sister taught the Dutch port builders Cha cha cha. Therefore she got the nickname miss Chachacha.  The owners of the restaurant still preserve the old wood oven of the bakery, with the handprint of miss Chachacha, in their kitchen.


Since then the beach in front of Chachacha Beach apartments gain the name Chachacha Beach out of homage to the dancing baker.


The Chachacha Beach apartments on Kaya C.E.B Hellmund number 29 in Kralendijk lie on the coordinates 12º08’45.19”N – 68º16’33.73”W.


The apartment building was finished in 2010 and counts 8 apartments, a private garden full plants and flowers and elevator. All the Chachacha Beach apartments have direct sea view from the living room, one of the bedrooms and the covered terrace. The apartments are all wheelchair friendly because they are single storey, have wide rooms and doorposts.
The location of the building is 65 feet (20m) away from the cozy Chachacha beach.


This beach is particularly popular under the Bonairean people. They meet in the morning to discuss the order of the day while swimming, bring their children to follow Edmundo’s swimming lessons (which he teaches over more than 40 years and taught in total five generations Bonaireans how to swim) and get together in the evenings on the pier.


Due to the location of the building, the apartments all have spectacular views over the Caribbean Sea. The bobbing boats on the turquoise water with Klein Bonaire as background makes it a real feast for the eyes!


The apartment building layson the boulevard of Kralendijk and is nearby Fort Oranje, the centre of the village with the local shops and several bars and restaurants.


Although the island is called “Bonaire Diver’s Paradise” by many, it has so much more to offer than that! Think of other water activities that you can practice, like kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking through the Mangroves or snorkelling. But also on land there are activities you can do like mountain biking, visiting caves, walking, cycling or driving through the Washington National Park, etc.


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